Terrence Staiger

My name is… Terrence Staiger, but please, call me Terry.
And I am… an executive for a small construction company.

What's been keeping Terry awake?
Terry's considered a successful man. He has a high five-figure salary and a nice house. He golfs and goes on vacation in Caribbean. When his marriage fell apart, he felt rather blindsided by the whole thing, but according to his wife he spent too much time at the office. But Terrence didn't get to where he was by just rolling over and giving up. He argued with her all the way into court, his pleas going from stopping the divorce to trying to keep what he could, especially his child.

As the proceedings went on Terry came to understand that he was just prolonging the inevitable. The judge had already made up her mind and just had to wait for him to stop delaying. Eventually he just stopped going to court, letting his lawyer represent him. Terry's life came to down to sitting on his couch and looking through the scrapbooks his seven-year-old had put together. Night after night he tried to relive those memories, and he began to see just how many of those pictures were missing him. More and more often he'd spend the night trying to look over papers from work.

What just happened to Terry?
Terry picked up the phone right next to his desk the second it rang. Suresh, his lawyer, always called at the same time everyday with updates. "I'm sorry Terry, it's over." He didn't hear any thing else though, he had slammed the phone down on the floor loud enough to get his secretary's attention and was already storming out of the building. There was a pub just down the road and once he was sufficiently liquored up to be tossed out he wandered aimlessly around the alleys, not really in control. He took a few wrong turns, when he finally came back to his wits his wristwatch said it was 13:00pm.

What's on the Surface?
Despite Terry's haggard face, he wears an impeccably clean suit, tie and all. His mousy hair is a couple inches longer than he'd like and it seems like he has a permanent five-o-clock shadow these days. He's still a quiet man, and still no pushover but nowadays he's more likely avoid arguments. Those who get too close enough can smell the alcohol on his breath. In all over aspects he's the consummate businessman.

What Lies Beneath?
Terry was embezzling money from the company to supplement his salary. He knew that once the courts started splitting his assets they would take a good long look at his bank account and why the numbers didn't quite add up. Terry also has a lot of repressed anger, mostly from his inability to do anything about the divorce. Despite his other flaws, Terry is a father and deeply cares about the wellbeing of his child.

What's Terry's Path?
Terry is looking to figure out what he's going to do about his life, now in shambles, and how he's going to be able to see his kid again. In the end, his kid is the only thing that truly matters to him.

Responses: Flight; Fight; Fight

Exhaustion Talent: Cognition
Terry's always had an eye for the details. A trait approaching photographic memory. But now everything he has done is in such clear detail. Sometimes times fade in and out, but the more tired he gets the sharper the past gets.

Madness Talent: Preparedness (as per the book)
And sometimes Terry just sees something and knows it's important. His 'memory' stretches forward a bit in time and makes sure he's ready for whatever is coming up. Maybe that's why he has this blood-stained knife everyone says is shining clean.

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