Terrance's Intro


*Beep Beep* 13:00

Terrance doesn't recognize this part of the city. The pavement and concrete have been replaced with cobblestones, and gargoyle faces leer at him from where they're carved into a nearby building. A high pitched police siren wails faintly in the distance. It's past midnight, but it's not too dark, thanks to the full moon, bigger than Terrance has ever seen it. It seems to dwarf the cityscape in the distance, as if about to engulf it.

A man with a thick mustache in an old fashioned Victorian suit strolls by and glances at a stopwatch, wiping his brow. He leans on his decorative cane, and tips his small hat towards Terrance. "Lovely night for a stroll, isn't it, sir?" He asks in a thick Yorkshire accent, smiling. "Though it is ghastly hot!"

It's so cold that Terrance can see his breath. A silhouetted figure holding a briefcase lingers on the sidewalk up ahead, next to a short building with a glass window that reads "Sterner and Son's Investigations".


"Just… awful…" Terry responds after a moment of hesitation. He continues walking, pulling his jacket tight around him and gawking at the odd architecture like a tourist. When his eyes wander up to the moon he instantly averts his gaze down to the ground, it was as if the moon was going to strike the Earth. Despite the back of his brain trying to explain that he should be utterly confused, Terrence keeps on walking forward. Better than standing in the cold, right?


The corner of a nearby black granite building juts out of an alleyway onto the sidewalk, partially blocking it. On the outcropping is the intricately carved bas-relief of a woman in a very old 16th century dress, eyes downcast in shame or grief. The stone perfectly forms the folds of cloth and slight creases in her aging face, the wavy curls of her hair.

The carving's head looks upwards towards Terrance. Flakes of old stone chip off as the carving's mouth moves.

"Well, good evening, stranger. I've not seen you before 'round this part of the city. It's an awful night to be traveling alone."

It's voice is low pitched and hollow, echoing slightly as if bouncing around inside, as its pupil-less eyes stare intently at Terrance.

OOC: The dress is like this: (//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/Henrietta_Maria.jpg)


After a moment of shock Terry remembers staring is rude and averts his gaze. "Good evening. I don't suppose you could tell me just where I am?" he asks politely. "I don't think I've been here before," he adds. Terry glances at the stone lady only occasionally, the shifting rock of her face giving him 'the creeps'. He shifts his weight from foot to foot, trying unsuccessfully to find a comfortable position.


"Silly boy… you're in District 13, of course." She says. Her stone face twists into a sly grin, as if just understanding the punch-line to an old joke. "You don't mean to say that you're from outside the city, do you?" The statue considers this, and after a moment it sighs, it's eyes downcast.

"It is an awful night to be traveling alone… especially for an outsider."


Terry glances, rather obviously, around the street. Even he caught the tone of her … its?… voice. He took and step forward and whispered loudly, "Why is that? Where's District 13 located?" His worry was palpable, casting worried looks about.


"You are very lost, aren't you boy? You're in the Mad City. And seeing how it's 13 o'clock, it looks like you'll be staying for a while, at least. Nasty bit of timing as well… Lamp's been on the rampage as of late, Clockwise hasn't been out of his house in weeks…. If I were you lad, I'd find a safe place to stay before some Nightmare or another picks you up. I bet Mr. Sterner over there could fix you up with an apartment… if you've got the money that is." The statue motions it's head towards the man with the briefcase across the street. He seems to be reading a large orange neon sign above a wide, dark tunnel.

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