Seamus Finnegan

Name: Seamus Finnegan, aged 24

What is keeping him awake? He has been a life long drunkard, using the booze filled all-nighters to drown his internal shame and pain. Once he realized that he may have killed another person (see below), he decided to stop drinking lest he do it again. Whereas he used to drink himself to blackout state, he now cannot fall asleep once he quit the bottle. (I assume a few stiff drinks would cause him to fall asleep in the game and that being deadly, he will probably try to keep sober no matter what).

What just happened to Seamus? He killed a young boy in a drunken hit and run and didn’t realize it until he saw the story on the news the next day. He is not 100% sure about his guilt, but he did use that road the night before and his left headlight lens was cracked (he noticed it the next morning getting the paper). The police have investigated and have some leads, but Seamus has not been contacted yet. He was walking downtown when he saw two black and whites coming towards him on the one way street where he walked. He quickly stepped into an alley to avoid what would surely be his capture and stepped into the Mad City.

What’s on the Surface? A red-headed, red-nosed, muscular Irishman wearing a kilt, black Doc Martins, and a white T-shirt (Dropkick Murphys “Shipping up to Boston” concert T), with a tattoo of an anchor on his left arm and a large shamrock on his right shoulder. He has a pile of bushy red hair with a set of 70s style lambchop sideburns. He is a male chauvenist and not a "warm and fuzzy" guy in the least.

What lies beneath? A scared immature boy who was beat almost daily by his drunken Irish father, lost his mother to cancer at 8 and thus, he lacked most of life coping skills as he "learned" how to behave/cope from an angry, drunken, Irish father who showed absolutley no affection.

What’s his path? To learn how to interact with others without resorting to machismo, one-upmanship, chauvenism, or anger. He has recently realized that he needs to become a different person or he is going to die alone, just like his dad. It is also possible that his path is to take responsibility for the hit and run (if in fact, he was responsible — which may be in question).

Exhaustion talent (natural talent done exceptionally well): excellent bar brawling skills (especially dirty tricks (gouging eyes, kick to the nuts, sand in the eyes, etc).

Madness talent (supernatural talent): can make another person(s) or being(s) (depending on dice allocated) suffer an effect that mimics drunkenness (lack of motor skills, inability to talk with eloquence)

FIGHT 3 boxes, none checked (as a drunken barroom brawler, it just didn’t make sense to me to have any other responses available than fight)

FLIGHT 0 boxes

Discipline (Current Level): 3
Exhaustion (Current Level): 0
Madness (Current Level): 0

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