Franklin Waters

My name is: Franklin Waters

And I am: a bookshop owner.

What's been keeping you awake?
My younger brother, Marcus, has disappeared. Ever since mom died, years ago, I have been the one in charge of him. But I was too young, and he was a preadolescent with bad friends: year passed an things got worse. Now it's been days since I've heard of him. I spend my days and nights in a haze, trying to find him, to call him.

What's just happened to you?
I was doing my nighttime "patrolling" to find Marcus, and I think I've seen him. On a pickup truck, speeding, with police cars chasing him. So I gave chase… but the police cars looked weird… almost like they were made out of tin.

What's on the surface?
A broad shouldered guy in his early thirties, with a flannel shirt, a short reddish beard, a tired face and a calm demeanor.

What lies beneath?
Being a failure as a figure of authority for my brother is destroying me. I need to help him get out of trouble. Then I'll have a chance to live my life. Sometimes having to care for others is just too much. Under the calm surface sometimes hides a barely compressed rage.

What's your path?
Find a balance between family responsibility and my own life. Help Marcus stand on his own legs.

Fight or Flight: Fight, Fight, Flight.

Talent of Exhaustion: repair things.
It started with old books and toys, but more and more, it seems that I can mend broken things, put them together with some tape and glue… and they work!

Talent of Madness: The book of the World.
Everything and everyone has a story. And I know how to read it: I can (literally) open things and people and read inside them. Facts and things of the past, hidden thoughts, secrets, hopes.

Madness Guidelines (suggested):

  • 1 Small inanimate object, recent fact.
  • 3 Big inanimate object, less recent fact. Or live person, recent fact and/or plain thought.
  • 5 Ancient or obscure facts for inanimate obj. Older or secret fact for a person.
  • 6 Secrets of the City. Unconscious, forgotten or removed thoughts from a person.

Current Status:

Exhaustion: 3
Responses: Fight, Fight, Flight

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