Franklin's Intro Scene

11: 58pm


The full moon is half obfuscated by a thin layer of clouds. The city is almost dead silent, save the blaring of the tin car's police sirens, hollow and high pitched like a toy. The blue pickup speeds along the street, sending scraps of torn newspaper littering the ground to fly up as if caught in a small cyclone, as the police give chase. The truck swerves, and criss-crosses the road,as if the driver can barely keep himself awake. Following close behind is an exhausted looking man, pushing his small car to it's limits trying to keep them in view…

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"Damn!", Franklin swears under his breath.

He's pushing the old battered beetle to its limit, the engine wheezing and the wheels screeching while turning. He's sure: the young man on the pickup is Marcus, and he's in trouble… this time it's more than a petty theft or being found drunk. This time he's chased by the police, dammit!

…speaking of which… those cars are strange. Too strange.

And these buildings… Franklin has lived in this neighborhood all his life, and he definitely does not remember seeing them.

Maybe he's just too tired. Maybe. After all he's not been sleeping for… damn, who knows… forever, it seems.



The pickup's tires squeal as it rounds a sharp corner, tilting dangerously to the side before righting itself, and careening across the street. Franklin hears a metallic crunch, and when he turns the corner, he can see the pickup smashed into a lamp post. The police cars skid up next to it, and the drivers emerge, small wooden batons drawn. It's dark, but from where Franklin is, it looks almost as if the two cops have winding metal keys coming out of the tops of their heads… They wordlessly pulling the driver from the wrecked pickup, who makes no protests. The cops walk down the sidewalk holding their dazed captive between them, abandoning their cars beneath the lamp post.


Franklin stops the beetle near the pickup with a screech of the tyres, and jumps out, leaving the door open and the keys in the car, shouting

"Marcus! Marcus!"

Those policemen are creepy, and he does not know how really how to deal with them.

He's following the group, but is not really rushing, because he's not sure he really wants to catch up.

"Officers, where are you taking my brother to?" he finally manages to scream.

His hair is a mess, and his beard needs a trim… suddenly he realizes he probably looks like a madman, and hopes the policemen don't take HIM away too…


The two cops don't react to Franklin's yells, but the figure they hold between them turns his head to the side.

"….Frank-?" He faintly murmurs. The cops immediately take him up the short concrete stairs to a bar called Benjie's Pub and Grill. It's closed, though the buzzing fluorescent illumination from a single bare light in the back room is visible through the window's venetian shades. One of the cops removes a small key from his pocket, unlocks the door, and steps inside, bringing their captive with them. He seems to have mostly recovered, though makes no struggles or protests.

They shut the wooden door behind them firmly.


Franklin catches up with the group as the door shuts. He bangs on the door, shouting

"Open up! Open up!! Marcus, tell them I'll help you, I'll pay to bail you out of jail! Open UP!"

Then he peers through the venetian shades of the bar, to see if there is someone inside.

"Please, Open UP!"

Then, almost as an afterthought, he tries for the door knob.


The door is unlocked.


The two cops are now clearly illuminated by the lightbulb, and previous suspicions are confirmed when Franklin sees that they do indeed have large metal wind-up keys coming from the tops of their heads, slowly turning, and making a rhythmic ticking sound. Their movements are jerky and stiff.

They enter the backroom of the bar, and Franklin can see them opening a floor length cupboard in the wall. The man they're carrying turns his head, and it's clear that it's Marcus.

"Franklin." He mumbles, acquiescently before the two officers carry him inside the cupboard, affixing handcuffs to him.


Ok, now Franklin is definitely scared: these cops are just wrong, and Marcus is in danger.

He charges, hoping to shove them aside and grab Marcus

OOC: this is where we start a conflict, I guess. HamBandit, after choosing the number of dice you can roll them yourself (even for me), if you like. I'll probably bring in an Exhaustion point, but I'll wait to see how you frame this :)


OOC: So he's going into the cupboard? Well, then…

Upon opening the door, a blast of cold air hit's Franlin's face, blowing his hair back. Before him, where there should be just rows of shelves, an empty black void exists. It seems to stretch on forever in all directions, but he can see a single perfect rectangle of white light far off in the distance, hovering in the void. Maybe it's a mile off, maybe it's a hundred. It's impossible to tell. Franklin hears the gunning of a nearby car's engine, and turns to see one of the tin police cars to the side of the cupboard doorway. The two officers sit in the front seats and Marcus sits in the back. It's dim headlights flicker on, little more than LED bulbs, as it accelerates forwards past Franklin, apparently as if on a flat, solid surface, though none is visible.

The head of a road sign is attached to the inside of the cupboard door. A white arrow on a green background points into the void. "To Mad City"

OOC: If you'd like to catch the car, it's pain rating plus 1 for the officers inside is 3.


Franklin starts to run after the car, oblivious of the fact that there is no floor or pavement.

OOC: he's trying to catch up and maybe grab the door and open it, or jump in the car. Anything, to block them. I'm raising my Exhaustion by 1, and I'll add 2 madness dice, just to be sure and because Frank is really weirded out now.


The officers driving the car hit the gas, trying to outrun Franklin.

Despair: 0 Hope: 0
Pain: 5,3,2
Degree: 2
Strength: 5


Franklin runs:

discipline: 1,3,3
exhaustion: 6
madness: 4,5

Degree: 3
Exhaustion Strength: 6
Exhaustion dominates

Franklin runs like a madman, and he's already SO tired, dammit. But he reaches the car and grabs the door.

OOC: I'm now at Exhaustion 2 (drats!)


"Frank! What are you doing? Let go, you can't piss these guys off! I'm going to get a trial!"

The door is locked, though it feels flimsy, and Frank could probably pull it off it's hinges if he wanted to. The driver leans his head out of the window and looks back. "You are in direct violation of the law! Desist immediately!" He commands, his voice echoing and unnaturally loud.

OOC: No rolls required to pull the door off.


Ok, Franklin does not care what Marcus is saying, h's tearing the door off.

"I'll not leave you in the hands of these… things!"

He will try to grab Marcus if possible.


The door feels like cheap aluminum, and is easily wrenched off of its hinges.

"You don't understand! You're making a big mistake!" Marcus says desperately as Franklin grabs him. "I'm going to the Court, I can take care of myself for once! Let me go, Frank." He pleads.

The officer in the passenger seat speaks into a radio in the car. "All units! Backup is requested, we have an oh-four-three-one. Repeat, backup is requested at the Benjie's pub Hallway."

OOC: Your choice to take him out or not.


Marcus' expression seems so sincere… Franklin is assailed by doubt.

OOC: ok, I'm going on a different route… it's Madness TIME!

Franklin touches Marcus' arm, time seems to slow down unnaturally, and the clothes seems to peel, and open, revealing pages after pages, printed in a confused character.

OOC: I'm rolling for my first activation of my Madness talent, trying to read the thoughts and recent history of Marcus, to understand if he is really concious of what he is doing. and maybe in what kind of mess he is into. I'll roll with 3 dice of madness, and then go to sleep… I don't want to go to mad city myself.

discipline: 1,3,5
exhaustion: 2,3
madness: 5,3,3
Degree: 6 (wow!)

OOC: I'll let you roll whatever you deem necessary as pain, and determine dominance (and narrate the result)


OOC: I'd say 1 pain just for reading someone, plus 2 for running next to a moving car.

Franklin reads a great deal of stress from Marcus, though he at least deeply believes what he's saying is the honest-to-god truth, and is very conscious of what he's doing. He realizes that he's in a big mess, believes himself to be the cause, and believes that he's trying to protect Franklin from danger.

Pain: 2,5,3
Degree: 2
Strength: 5,3,2
Madness Dominates. Check off a response.


OOC: Ok, I'll check a Flight response (my only one)

Franklin has the time to flick just a few pages at random, that are apparently coming from inside Marcus. And the words there… the words there say that he deserves that treatment. "It's all my fault, this time I've screwed up really bad… but this time I will not let Frank mess with his life to save me. This time I'll take full responsibility. Besides, this is too dangerous for him."

Then the time seems to snap back like a rubber band, the world starts to move again, and there are no pages in sight. But Franklin knows what he's seen.

And he knows what he's read.

Suddenly he seems to go numb. He lets go of Marcus' arm and stops running.

He just stands there, stumped, unable to walk, unable to think straight, while the tin car moves away. Frank is not sure of what happened, but that phrases have hit him.
OOC: this is my "flight" response, is it good enough?

He looks up from his feet, and sees the car gaining ground, already too far to sprint and catch it. He slowly regains his senses.


Marcus glances back through the rear window one more time as the car speeds twoard the square of light, sillouheted. Looking behind him, winded, Franklin notices that the cupboard door is gone.

And that light in the distance is looking pretty far off.

OOC: End intro. We'll get back to Frank in a bit.

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